The new listing from GLYNT makes accurate, audit-ready sustainability data just a “click to buy” for businesses everywhere


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 – GLYNT.AI, the platform for Enterprise Sustainability Data, has made it easier for businesses around the globe to get started with accurate, audit-ready emissions, energy, water and waste data through a listing on AWS Marketplace. With a “click to buy”, the offering enables any business to get started with ease and confidence through their AWS account.

Customers around the globe use GLYNT data for reporting compliance, operational efficiencies, and climate finance. GLYNT delivers accurate and audit-ready emissions data from a customer’s primary data sources such as utility bills, business invoices, IoT sensors and more.

“We’re excited to make it easy for every C-suite to take action on one of the greatest challenges facing our planet,” said Chieng Moua, Chief Revenue Officer. “Everyone knows that emissions and sustainability reporting is important work, they just don’t know how to get started. Now it is as easy as ‘click-to-buy.’ GLYNT customers use our simple and quick onboarding process, and then gain an automated stream of data that is updated, accurate and audit-ready.”

“Everyone knows that emissions and sustainability reporting is important work, they just don’t know how to get started. Now it is as easy as ‘click-to-buy.’”

Chieng Moua,
Chief Revenue Officer of GLYNT.AI

SS&C Blue Prism has partnered with GLYNT to enable intelligent preparation and reporting of emissions data, and comments: “By utilizing SS&C Blue Prism digital workers, organizations can achieve a sustainable business model while meeting investor demands and satisfying regulatory requirements,” said Michael Marchuk, Vice President, Global Advisory Programs SS&C Blue Prism. “This will help organizations reduce risks and demonstrate the positive impact of the sustainable ESG program within the business.”
Interested customers can go to GLYNT’s AWS Marketplace listing and click to buy. The GLYNT sales team will reach out to confirm the purchase and finalize the scope of work. The data expense is added as a line-item to the customer’s AWS invoice. This simple process breaks through a key bottleneck in sustainability reporting — how to get started — and is a significant acceleration in the time to value from accurate, actual emissions data. Moua remarks: “As The Economist has recently reported, accounting boards have shown the value of standardized, audited financial statements, and sustainability disclosures should do the same. GLYNT makes it easy to report sustainability data through standard financial systems. Our listing on AWS Marketplace is part of the normalization of sustainability reporting, and we’re excited to work with businesses around the globe on this next stage.”

Visit GLYNT’s listing on AWS Marketplace

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