Preparing Financial-Grade Sustainability Data:

How TO Get Ready for Regulatory Filings and Audits

Thursday April 25, 2024
8am PDT/5pm CET

Hosted by: Martha Amram,
Founder & CEO of GLYNT.AI


While the SEC rule is on hold while it winds its way through the US court system, investor demands are not. Recent surveys show that over 90% of investors rely on sustainability data in their investment decisions. The demand for accurate and complete sustainability data is unrelenting. And it can impact valuations and access to capital.

This webinar delves into the world of financial-grade sustainability data. What does it take to have SOX-level processes for energy, water, waste and emissions? How can this data be prepared so that it can be used in other enterprise systems? And where should this data come from?

This webinar is for you if your company uses ESG, carbon accounting or sustainability software and yet struggles with data preparation. For companies using manual data entry and spreadsheets, this webinar will help to identify your current gaps in audit-readiness. .

Don’t miss out on our conversation that goes from theory to practice. Get actionable insights to set priorities for the preparation of financial-grade sustainability data.

The 45-minute webinar will cover the following topics

  1. The Demand for Financial-Grade Sustainability Data
  2. It Takes a System
  3. Strategies for Ensuring Data Accuracy
  4. The Additional Data You Need for Insights & Analytics
  5. Q&A Session