As we talk with companies every day we hear their stories about how carbon emissions data get captured today: Spreadsheets + Interns.

Here at GLYNT we built an automated end-to-end system that uses advanced machine learning to produce carbon emissions data at scale. And our customers are leaving those interns behind.

But it is striking how often student interns are tasked with “Help us collect up our utility bills. Then type in the data. If you don’t know what something on the bill means, Google it – I don’t know either.”

And let’s compare that to the serious corporate intent: The company hired a sustainability director and team; the company hired the intern; the team is reporting the data to the CFO and Board; and perhaps to external stakeholders. Something got lost between today’s practice and corporate intent. Want to save the planet? Want to retain your intern? We love interns too, but perhaps they can be put on a more fun project. 🙂 GLYNT: We focus on Scope 2 emissions data at scale. It’s a hard problem. We do it so you and your interns won’t have to.

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