MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (December 14, 2016)

WattzOn today announced the launch of QEV Utility Data, a software platform upgrade powered by machine learning to help customers more quickly acquire validated utility data. WattzOn is the first utility data access provider to implement machine learning to quickly extract and validate (QEV) utility bill data. WattzOn also developed Snapshot, the first mobile app to take photos of utility bills, which are also processed via computer vision image processing on the QEV Utility Data platform.

“WattzOn continues to innovate its machine learning capabilities, helping businesses easily acquire consumer-authorized utility data.” said Martha Amram, CEO. “A host of energy technologies are reshaping the $200B residential utility market, and our customers rely on WattzOn to provide utility data quickly and accurately, supporting the personalization of their consumer offers. Utility bills are one of the three recurring payments in almost every household — along with mortgage/rent and auto loans/leases — so we’re delighted that WattzOn’s advanced analytics breaks open the utility data silo, and enables this valuable data to be used in customer applications –ranging from energy-smart homes in the IoT world, to payment applications, residential solar, and other new markets.”

The QEV Utility Data platform is a high performance, cost-effective and scalable solution, ready for processing massive amounts of data and enabling customers to go immediately from data to insight. Platform components driven by machine learning include:

  • Rapid processing of utility bill pdfs using statistical machine learning algorithms.
  • Computer vision image processing for mobile photographic capture of utility bills.
  • Document recognition (pdfs and bill images) using computer vision image processing.
  • Real-time image processing and validation enabling rapid photo feedback to the user.
  • Automated data validation through the integration of pdf and image data streams and machine learning.

WattzOn’s customers access the platform through big data APIs and white-label hosted solutions. The QEV Utility Data platform is a cost-effective, highly scalable solution that replaces the current practice of collecting utility data via costly, labor-intensive methods. WattzOn’s QEV Utility Data platform is used in a number of large vertical markets including connected (IoT) homes, retail energy, solar sales and home improvement financing.

“It’s challenging to collect data in the highly fragmented utility industry, with its ever-changing utility data presentations,” said Sandra Carrico, VP of Engineering. “WattzOn leverages machine learning techniques across our product lines to make the most use of structured and unstructured data, and we have several patent-pending technologies. In addition, we’ve made advances in machine learning applied to time-series data, a type of data prevalent in the energy industry.”

To learn more about WattzOn’s QEV Utility Data platform, contact us at info(at)

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