GLYNT announces a new partnership with, a leader in software applications for local government services working to connect cities, counties and states with their residents and local businesses. Over 1,000 mayors have signed the U.S. Conference of Mayors pledge to reduce emissions in their city. Our new partnership with CityFront is a key tool that delivers on this pledge.

Easy Local ESG Reporting

Here’s how it works: Local businesses simply upload their utility bills (water, waste and energy) to the CityFront app. Behind the scenes, GLYNT processes the bills and turns them into report-ready data. CityFront sends a CSV file with report-ready data to the local business and to the local benchmarking service. Then, CityFront brings it together with a city-wide map of results. Coordinating with the business community and sustainability teams, this simple solution makes it easy to baseline emissions and then take action. Together, GLYNT and CityFront have taken the pain out of local energy and emissions benchmarking, giving everyone the data they need to make a change.

Thanks to Local Government Staff

We’ve all learned this past year how important local government is to our daily lives. From covid testing to unemployment claims to getting business licenses, city, county and state staff have worked hard to keep not just basic services in place, but also the extra burden of expanded covid-related services. In many cases, the systems have continued to work only because staff put in crazy long hours. A big round of appreciation!

About City Front

Here’s where CityFront comes in. Imagine software tools that support staff, making it easier for them to get basic processes done. The same tools would make it easier for residents and businesses to do service transactions with local government as well. Take the simple case of holding a garage sale: Apply for a permit online, get it approved and back to you in a day. No trip to city hall needed. CityFront brings together tools to relieve the burden on city staff, tools to delight citizens with their ease, and tools that provide the big picture city-wide. One example is their virtual reality tool that makes underground electric, gas, sewer and water lines visible to city staff. Local construction projects just got easier.

How GLYNT and CityFront Work Together

GLYNT is delighted to announce a new partnership with CityFront. Energy and emissions benchmarking is a great example of how our joint approach removes frictions that prevent action. We’re excited to break through the barriers and connect citizens with local government in new ways. Here are some other examples:

• Regulatory compliance portals. Take the case of auto body shops, who have to report to fire departments, county environmental departments and state emissions boards. Imagine a simple user experience where you upload copies of your documents and you’re done. Behind the scenes, GLYNT and CityFront process the documents and submit the data to the right places.

Back-office processes. No matter how much we want to automate, there are always those bills and invoices that need manual data entry. Use GLYNT and CityFront to automate the laggards. Relieve staff of that tedious work so they can do the more important part of their job.

Community-wide views. Bring together the data that animates a community view of local activity. Emissions and energy benchmarking is just one example. What other story do you want to tell?

Let’s change our local conversations. Let’s do more together. We’re excited to start this new partnership with a solution that does just that: Local energy and emissions benchmarking made easy.