Kelly, tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

I originally wanted to be an architect and in my graduate program I designed a smart city, a hospital and a restaurant. I chose to focus on Human Factors, the work-flow patterns of people, and designed the physical structure to support those patterns. While in grad school, I got an internship at Symantec. Symantec loved my customer research skills and quickly moved me into Product Management. I fell in love with software engineering and decided to shift careers. I’ve been in the Product Management field for over 20 years, often in leadership. Making products better for people is my passion and focus.

What brought you to GLYNT? Why GLYNT?

GLYNT’s mission gives me purpose. I want to make an impact on our beautiful planet in my lifetime. I come to work knowing that GLYNT data is key to enabling companies to be better citizens. I live my life each day doing what I can to reduce my carbon footprint, so it makes perfect sense that I would also focus on this in my career. GLYNT is a great match for me, as GLYNT provides the data that enables carbon reduction journeys. 

You’ve had a lot of experience with product leadership. Can you define your approach and talk about how it applies at GLYNT?

A successful product requires a deep understanding of the customer experience. At GLYNT, customers need data harvested from paper and PDF documents so they can make key business decisions. Product Leadership is about recognizing the end goal for customers. 

And our customers want business data provided in a way that is immediately accessible. The product is a means to that end.

Staying focused on these key customer experiences will be what makes GLYNT valuable to our users and as a company. 

GLYNT is a self-service product, which is a game-changer in the ESG market. What do you think about self-service and product-led sales? 

Self-service happens when a customer wants an easy path to solve their problem. For GLYNT this means that our product must be simple, accurate and consistent in providing the desired business data. 

Product-led sales happen when you have met the needs of the customer from within your product and these customers see the outcome in their bottom line. I’m on a mission to get GLYNT to product-led sales in the coming months. 

And finally, what makes you tick as a leader? What about that emotional connection to leadership?

I have an ironic answer to this question. Product Management is about removing the human from the equation. We remove friction by automating tasks. We set expectations for users. What users need is what users get. This comes down to improving the human experience; making life better. Quite simply, this is what drives me as a leader of people in my team and across the company: Removing people from the product!

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