GLYNT connects documents to your digital transformation

EASY TO USE. No-code UI or a typical data API
MINUTES TO FIRST DATA. Just a few clicks or an API call
COMPLETELY SCALABLE. Just add compute power
PRODUCTION-READY. 98% average accuracy from the start
YOUR DATA IS PRIVATE. GLYNT is a multi-tenant platform, no data sharing

Bring documents in from the wild,
with just a few clicks or an API call
Use GLYNT’s prebuilt Field Lists

1 Sign up for GLYNT

2 Select your Field List

3 Submit your documents

4 Get results!

Set up GLYNT for new
documents in minutes

It’s easy to build a new Field List

Upload handful of documents
 Name your fields
Point & click to match with data

GLYNT is an advanced “few shot” machine learning system

Just a handful of documents required
for training. Production-ready accuracy
from the start

Conventional AI

200,000 to 3M documents in the training
corpus. Humans needed to close
the accuracy gap

“Few shot” ML means GLYNT learns fast

Identify corrections or changes
Provide a few samples
Updated results in minutes

Conventional AI

File a correction report
Hard to add a new field
Slow, incremental improvement over weeks and months

*Straight-Through Processing Accuracy, eg no human intervention.

With “few shot” ML, GLYNT is production-ready from the start
Don’t wait weeks and months to build a training library
Use GLYNT. First data in minutes.

GLYNT is the single solution for all document types

GLYNT has “OCR inside” so that all document types get the benefits of our advanced machine learning solution.

GLYNT tames the long tail of document variety

Document variety often chokes speed. GLYNT automatically classifies and routes documents.

No more worries about document variety!

GLYNT is built on a self-contained and elastic AI workbench

Anyone can use GLYNT. Just point and click

Get results in minutes, GLYNT is prebuilt for documents

Completely scalable, just add compute.

Track extracted data back to documents

GLYNT is aligned with corporate data governance and privacy needs
We don’t share data or documents across customers. Every customer is a silo.
We don’t need your data to get smarter.
Data and documents are evaporated every 30 days or at your preferred schedule

GLYNT combines experience and expertise

We’ve been processing documents for years and it shows

The real world is full of document variety, but current solutions cover just a narrow document range. GLYNT is nimble and accurate.
Hidden errors are very costly. GLYNT provides highly accurate data or “–.” “–” is an empty field, and easily resolved in the GLYNT UI.
GLYNT is not a blackbox. Match every data item extracted against the printed original There’s no mystery with GLYNT.