Utility bill data might not be the first thing to come to mind when thinking about today’s energy and climate challenges, but it’s precisely the data that we need in order to make practical decisions that will accelerate the clean energy future.

If you’re looking to automate utility bill data in 2021, take a look at our recent white paper, The GLYNT Guide to Automated Utility Bill Data. The resource covers the solution requirements for automated utility bill data, including how advances in AI have removed previous frictions and frustrations.

Here are some of the most important features for a winning utility bill automation solution:

Built-In Utility Bill Expertise

Every utility issues monthly bills for a few or hundred rate types, all in PDF or paper form. On top of that, each has its own layout and data schema. But your team wants a single stream of structured data, ready to use without reference to which utility it came from. Using a combination of utility bill and software expertise, the best solutions build a semantic data model for utility bills that is complete, transparent and scalable.

Speaks to Your Database

Chances are you’re already using utility bill data, but just not as well as you’d like. Any new solution must be mapped to your current database schema. A good solution has connectors built in to frequently used systems such as Salesforce, Coupa or Oracle, and the ability to automate a customized data mapping to your database. Regardless of your schema, utility bill data should fit right in.

Removes Frictions

Anyone who has worked with documents or utility bills knows there are some annoying and continual sources of friction, such as on-boarding, bill layout changes, and seasonal rate changes. In theory these are occasional events, but in practice they are amazingly frequent. An automated solution is not really automated unless it has a specific automated workflow for each of these events.

It’s clear that the global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation everywhere, and utility bill data should be no exception. For those looking for an automated solution, our white paper serves as a guide to help sharpen your focus and find the tools that work.

Want to learn more on how to remove the choke point of utility bill data? Reach out for a customized demo of GLYNT on your bills. See highly accurate results in minutes!