Enterprise Sustainability Data that Flows from the Field to CFOs

Fast and Accurate Enterprise Sustainability Data

GLYNT data flows into sustainability software, reporting frameworks and your current ERP and financial systems

Efficient Capture

GLYNT captures data from business invoices, utility bills, IoT sensors and more

Useful Data

GLYNT’s automated platform harmonizes disparate data sources into ready-to-use structured formats

Automated Workflow

Recurring data services help your team focus on reductions and impact

Intelligent Automation and Sustainably Are Now Intertwined

“Digital transformation is no longer just about creating new operational efficiencies – it’s now a critical part of the oil and gas company’s roadmap to future viability.”

– Barry Po
Forbes Technology Council

Integrated Data Flows, Ready for Financial Reporting

  • Track equipment-level emissions
  • Integrate with other emission source data to complete the picture
  • Push structured GLYNT data into current ERP and financial systems
  • Conduct financial planning and reporting prep

Leverage your current ERP and financial systems with Enterprise Sustainability Data from GLYNT


Selected Crude Oil Fields

The Financial Markets Are Demanding

“Emissions disclosures separate leaders from laggards.”

– Dr. Luisa Palacios
Former Chairwoman, Citgo Petroleum

Oil & Gas Savings Opportunities

70% savings for data preparation  •  15% energy savings  •  70% of profit is exposed to compliance risk

Get Started with GLYNT

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Get a “taste” of GLYNT data

  • Two-week POC
  • GLYNTify up 5 sites
  • Test integrations


Establish a Recurring Data Service

  • Dedicated GLYNT Onboarding team
  • Get your sites loaded into GLYNT
  • Automated updates thereafter


Report Baselines and Reduction Plans

  • Use GLYNT data in your enterprise ERP and financial systems
  • 100% compliant with GHG Protocols
  • Report in any framework

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