Save time. Be more efficient.
Get finance-grade emissions data.

Facing a stack of utility bills to process for Scope 2 emissions reporting? GLYNT uses advanced machine learning to capture the right data from each utility bill. You’ll get a structured data set to use in internal and external reporting. 

Using GLYNT is simple: Provide your bills, get your data. Or if you need GLYNT to login to utility sites and download the bills for you, we have that automated service too. 

And GLYNT produces data that is ready to go places, data that is structured and ready to upload into common ESG software tools as well as ENERGY STAR© Portfolio Manager. Data that is always audit ready, with trackbacks to the original documents. 

If you’ve got bills from multiple utilities at every site and multiple sites to organize, using GLYNT can make your life easier. Get reliable, finance-grade data for 2021 and monthly updates throughout 2022. Data ready for reporting, insights and analysis. 

Get started with GLYNT today!