Add Automated Data from Paper and
PDF Invoices to Your Software Solution

Speed data, speed payments. Cut your expenses.
You and your customers win.

Documents-to-Data Automation without Coding

Our no-code solution increases your ROI

Point & click user interface

Configure to your documents in minutes

Manage the entire workflow

Same solution for 10s to 1000s of documents

Impressive Savings

The secret is simple: Highly accurate data from the start

More straight-through processing, fewer documents to touch

Why Customers Choose GLYNT


“What took 5 weeks now
takes days and minutes with GLYNT”


“Without GLYNT’s automated platform
we can’t scale revenues”


“GLYNT handles our
document variety”

“GLYNT is the fastest
path to 100% accuracy”

A Single Solution for the Entire Documents-to-Data Flow

Get data that is validated, normalized and ready-to-use

First Data in Days

Stop waiting weeks and months.

Add vendors and customers each week, building up your automated document flow

We’re Aiming Towards Scope 3 Emissions

It’s another place where key data needed for emissions reporting is trapped in PDFs and scans of paper


Percent of global supply chain transactions are based on a paper or PDF invoice


Scope 3 Emissions are 11 times larger than Scope 2 Emissions

Launching in 2022 – Talk to us about being an early beat user

Scope 2 Emissions come from energy used at your sites
Scope 3 Emissions come from your value chain

Source: CDP