A new look for and our brand new website GLYNT.AI

A New Look for These are exciting days at WattzOn and we’re delighted to expand our offerings. WattzOn started in the utility data capture business. Our product LINK ENERGY has national coverage and serves the top solar and smart home companies. While...

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AI With Very Little Data

Typically Most of the hours on an AI project are spent on data prep and wrangling. GLYNT is different, it’s an AI solution that produces results within a day.

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GLYNT Surpasses Human Accuracy

Field tests show that GLYNT outperforms humans, even humans assisted by software. Yep, another day in which artificial intelligence beats mankind.

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1.B healthcare documents are sent every year. Let’s get that data liberated!

Automate data from invoices. 10X increase in velocity with GLYNT

Over 2.5 trillion PDFs are created each year. How much of your data is trapped?


There are more than 75,000 utilities in the US. GLYNT connects bills to your platform


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